Olivier Chadoin au Congrès international “Affordable Housing” | 6-8 MAI 2019 | PORTO

Dans le cadre du congrès international “AFFORDABLE HOUSING. THE 20TH CENTURY LEGACY”, Olivier Chadoin fera une présentation dédiée au logement social dans le contexte français.

Ce congrès se déroulera du 6 au 8 mai à la Casa da Musica, à Porto (Portugal).

résumé de la communication : “Social housing in France. The three stages of a policy: State, territory, market”

The purpose of this communication is to report on the gradual change in production methods and agents in the social housing sector in France. In particular, we will show how the transition from a centralized public policy to a local policy is now marked by the gradual arrival of private actors in the production of housing. The notion of affordable housing is still underdeveloped in France, but it is developing strangely at a time when neoliberal urban development approaches are developing, and public housing policies are being reduced. The aim will be to examine, in the long term, the changes in public housing policy in France.