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The PAVE Research Centre was founded by Guy Tapie and Patrice Godier in 1998, both lecturers and researchers at the Higher School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture in Bordeaux (ENSAPBx).

Located at ENSAPBx, PAVE leads multidisciplinary research combining social sciences, architecture and urban studies along four main axes :

1st axis: Professional identities | Mediation | Training

This axis focuses on the adaptation of the figure of the architect and of her/his professional settings in the face of societal changes, with attention to both the projects/objects produced and the processes that lead to them. PAVE analyses in particular architects’ occupations, careers and competences.

2nd axis: Metropolitan Facts and City-Making Processes

This axis is dedicated to deciphering contemporary city-making processes, notably in reference to paradigms such as the city, the metropolis, and the energy and environmental transition. It adopts “the project” as a privileged notion for understanding today’s urban transformations at different scales.

3rd axis: Dwelling(s): Architecture and Lifestyles

This axis continues PAVE’s initial research into housing, seen through the lens of actors and production systems and spanning from design to social reception. This approach to contemporary dwellings and dwelling accounts for the contextual, political, social and regulatory variations that weigh on architectural production.

4th axis: Architecture and Society

This axis questions the conceptual frameworks that shape architectural design, from rules of thumb, through doctrines and manifestos, to formalized theories. This reflexive moment confronts the architectural discipline’s ideas about spaces and society with contemporary evolutions in order to identify the formers’ limits and the ways to overcome them.


PAVE operates under the authority of the French Ministry of Culture. It is associated to the Centre Émile Durkheim (UMR CNRS 5116) and to the Doctoral School “Sciences Politiques et Santé Publique” (SP2) of the University of Bordeaux.

For more information on the PAVE Research Centre and its activities, visit the following page or contact fanny.gerbeaud@bordeaux.archi.fr.

Please visit the doctoral school page to know about the registration process as a doctoral student.

ENSAP Bordeaux | Centre Emile Durkheim

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